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Finders  Keepers  from  Lalabazaar

When you wear a Finders Keepers dress, you will find yourself feeling free-spirited and spontaneous. Others will see you and instantly be drawn to the vibrant aura that glows around you. A Finders Keepers girl is adventurous and dances to the beat of her own drum. All of this fun in her Finders Keepers clothing bought from Lalabazaar online with Afterpay so she can wear it now and pay for it later leaving her to enjoy the fire twirling in the park.

But don't think that Finders Keepers clothing doesn't have a more serious side. When you're out on the pavement you will emanate your strong independence and display your ability to always have your finger on the pulse of all things fashion. You can do it all, whilst wearing your Finders Keepers tops, skirts and pants, plus a stylish jacket or coat to top off your look.

A Finders Keepers dress is like no other, with unique prints and mixing of different textiles, your beauty will shine in a crowd. With a Finders Keepers twist on classic styles of dresses, skirts, playsuits, pants, shorts and tops, you know that each piece has its own concept and cause for conversation.

As a brand, Finders Keepers was established in 2007 and is one of many Australian designer brands taking the world by storm with the amazing talent of down under fashion designers. Each year, eleven collections are released by Finders Keepers with a selection of casual and sexy evening wear to meet the demand of your occasion.

Buying your Finders Keepers clothing online doesn't have to be a hassle when Lalabazaar has amazing Finders Keepers sales as well as Afterpay so you can get the party started sooner. See all the Finders Keepers clothing under our Labels menu on the website.