C/MEO  Collective  from  Lalabazaar

When you think about Australian designer clothing, instantly you should be thinking about premium fabrics, edgy designs and daring prints. You will envision yourself wearing stunning designer clothing and feel ahead of the pack in a C/MEO Collective outfit.

C/MEO Collective is known for their innovative style as well as directional prints and designs. When you wear C/MEO Collective dresses, you will illuminate confidence and beauty. As a C/MEO Collective girl, you can take risks with your fashion sense, but not overdo it. You interpret your own style with unique C/MEO Collective tops paired with the latest shorts showing that you are at the forefront of a trend.

If you have an extravagant event to attend, C/MEO Collective dresses are perfect if you want to stand out from the rest and be the envy of the party. The stunning aesthetics of your C/MEO Collective ensemble will flow perfectly on your shape, complimenting every curve making you feel the strong-minded woman you are.

For the office, you will convey the essence of power and respect in a C/MEO Collective top that is styled to have a less conventional spin on the average corporate look. Pair up your shirt with sleek pants or skirt to match and compliment your overall look with a sharp cut blazer.

When you're in need of a more casual look, C/MEO Collective has the perfect day dresses to enjoy a morning at the beach or a picnic in the park, whilst still looking the part. You might like to team up some contemporary shorts with a chic top to show that you are a real trendsetter.

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